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How (not) to Piss off your Customers: Fun with Customer Migration

August 15, 2014

New product launches can be an exhilarating time for customers. Perhaps it's the allure of that feature they've been waiting for, or chance to play around with a sleek new interface. Other times, it's just the idea of something shiny and new that gets their hearts beating.

A solid product launch, however, must go one step beyond the announcement of something new. A successful product launch thinks through the entire release experience. Starting at the initial communication all the way to the actual transition to the new product, think about: 

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Focus on Your Strengths to Solve for Long-Term Growth

February 5, 2014

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the importance of removing products that no longer meet customer needs. The central idea behind the post was to approach product development as an editor and remove apps that didn't solve customer problems. This same approach can be useful if there aren't sufficient resources to continue to solve customer problems.

Let's look at a recent example. 37signals recently decided to simultaneously refocus all of their company's effort around their Basecamp product and rebrand their company under the Basecamp name. Walking away from apps that customers use -- in this case their Campfire and Highrise products -- may seem unusual, but the company's efforts would otherwise be too divided to continue solving customer needs for the multiple products they support.  

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Remove apps that don't meet customer needs

December 23, 2013

In his recent post Why companies should have Product Editors, not Product Managers, Andrew Chen highlights the importance "editing" in product development. Good product teams build good products, but sometimes good ideas turn into bad products.

"What’s compelling to me about this [idea] is that it really orients the role of product to be about cohesive experiences first and foremost. ...You have to “edit” down the feature list until you have a clean, tight experience."

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Prioritize customer success and the rest is easy(ish)

December 17, 2013

One of my recent projects at work has been going really well. After much thought, I realized that it was because we had approached it differently than usual. Rather than focusing purely on the results, we focused on how the project would affect our customers. 

In fact, by focusing on customers first and business impact second, the project was substantially easier to execute

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